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All About a Jewish Wedding Chuppah (Huppah)

  all about jewish wedding chuppaThe Jewish wedding chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy), is the most visible symbol at a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. The word Chuppah (also spelled Huppah) means, “that which covers or floats above.” It is said that the space beneath the Jewish wedding chuppah is spiritually charged because the Divine presence floats above it.

The Jewish wedding chuppah is supported by four poles in stanchions, but could be held by four men during the ceremony, as frequently done in Sephardic tradition. This recent revival of this old Jewish wedding tradition is a wonderful reminder of the mitzvoth and the affirmation that the couple will commit to sharing a Jewish life together as well.

Obviously, if a couple chooses to use a tallis for the Jewish wedding chuppah, it needs to be a full-sized tallis. Often, couples will use a grandparent’s tallis, a wonderful familial tradition that ties generations together. If not using a tallis, the Jewish wedding chuppah (huppah) should be a temporary, handmade structure.

While the Jewish Wedding Chuppah has a legal function, there are no specific halakhic (Orthodox Jewish legal) requirements as to its shape, material type, or dimensions. All of the appearance of a Jewish wedding chuppah is entirely a matter of taste.

You should check with your synagogue to see if they have their own Jewish wedding chuppah (huppah), which many congregations make available to marrying couples. Some of these are quite beautiful, others are downright plain or rather unpleasing to the eye.

The Jewish Wedding Chuppah as Family Heirloom

Often times, people who have made their own Jewish wedding chuppah display it as a piece of art in their home or in their bedroom. Other times, a Jewish wedding chuppah can be quilted and used as a bedcovering. More often than not, a chuppah that is dear to a couple’s heart hold on to it, hoping to see their children married under it.

If you would like a beautiful, homemade, fully customizable Jewish wedding Chuppah (huppah) to display in your new home or possibly one day pass on to your children, be sure to take a look at Shira’s beautiful chuppot. Source: Manzos Banquets - all about Jewish wedding Chuppa


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